The Dolores Cross Project is a not-for-profit memorial initiative that began in April 2008. The aim of the Project is to personally pay tribute to approximately 30,000 New Zealand military personnel buried on foreign soil with a hand-made tribute, the Dolores Cross. Unlike other similar looking projects, this is not a photographic project and we do not collect personal photos of military personnel. The success of the Dolores Cross Project is entirely reliant on volunteers and supporters.


Can you Help?

There are still many New Zealand military personnel who have yet to be visited by the Dolores Cross Project.

If you can help pay tribute to these men (live near by or travelling to a relevant country), we would love to hear from you. Please contact us


Latest news

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who have visited cemetaries to date. We have received hundreds of photos!

We currently have one volunteer working during her spare time outside her fulltime job, processing the photos so that they can be uploaded onto the website. This is a huge task due to technical and data issues. So please bear with us as it may take a few more months before we get through the backlog of photos received to date.



Please feel free to search our database for details and photographs of the graves of your loved ones buried overseas.

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